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The Tomato dictionary of watch styles and how to pair them: BOHO CHIC

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Boho /ˈbəʊhəʊ/
adjective: boho; socially unconventional in a way regarded as characteristic of creative artists; bohemian.

Chic /ʃiːk/
adjective: chic; elegantly and stylishly fashionable.

Boho chic vibes is one of our all-time favorite styles, but without the right pieces it can be tricky to pull off. Our timepieces are best paired with the following bohemian essentials.

  • Flowy dresses, Tunics and Maxi Skirts
    There’s no better way to look boho than with a pretty maxi dress, skirt and peasant like tunics. Loose-fitting, flowy fabrics are part of the boho vibe and it always involves a lot of layering.
  • Oversized sunglasses
    Oversized sunglasses are a major fashion trend and a bohemian staple. Its not so much about the shape, so you can still pick a style that compliments your face – but the key point is that they are oversized. Earthy toned hues and golden shades will really pull an earthy style together.
  • Earthy Jewellery, Hats and Hairbands
    The key with these pieces is that they incorporate natural elements like wood, feathers and suede. To add colour and flair gemstones like turquoise and coral are sure to give off the right vibes and faux flower headbands can easily complete the ensemble. The more unique, the better. Look for original finds at flea markets and craft fairs – or if you are crafty you can even attempt to make your own.
  • Eye Catching Prints and Earthy Tones
    To add a free-spirited edge to your wardrobe rich, bold geometric printed items are key and there is nothing like a fun and feminine floral or paisley print to express your inner gypsy. Pair these prints with natural colours like ever greens, golds, browns, rusts, mustard yellows and blues for a super boho finish.

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